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Celtics bodied by Pistons, 87-77

It was slow. It was methodical. That's just not a game the Celtics can get into and it showed in tonight's 87-77 loss to the Motor City.

The Point

Jordan Crawford looked more for his shot (13 points, 5-10FG) more than to assist. But can you blame him? No one could hit an effin' shot.

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15 assists on 31 FGs with no player having more than 3 assists emphasizing Brad Stevens' ball movement.

It also reinforces how the Celtics don't have a playmaker not named Rajon Rondo

The Perimeter

What Perimeter?The C's we're 3-16 from three-point land.

Avery Bradley with 6 turnovers and another 13 points on6-of-14 shooting performance.

Gerald Wallace's four steals we're about all he produced in 36 minutes.

Jeff Green (3-5 only played 20 minutes none of which came in the fourth quarter. I don't know why Jeff Green didn't find floor time in the fourth. The Celtics we're down 5 heading into the fourth quarter. Very interesting decision that Brad Stevens will have to explain.

The Paint

In the first quarter, the C's we're dominated in the paint. 20 of Detroit's 24 first quarter points came in the paint. Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Josh Smith (45 points, 29 rebounds combined) we're all able to get to the basket at will and we're just no match for the C's bigs.

A team filled with bigs and Vitor Faverani , our most productive big in the past three games, only played 19 minutes.

Brandon Bass really struggled against Detroit's bigs. Drummond and Monroe bodied him all night.

I really liked what Kelly Olynyk (15 points, 6-11 FG, 8 rebounds) brought tonight. He played a little at center, alongside Bass to push Monroe out from underneath the hoop. Maybe we'll see more of that, but the interior passing of Detroit was on-point tonight.

Quote of the Night

"What is going on with this team right now is they are still searching for chemistry."

Tommy Heinsohn (@CSNTommy) November 4, 2013

Chemistry and a jumpshot.

What We Learned


The whole night felt like a throw away. The C's played the entire game like the fourth quarter against Milwaukee on Friday night.

In other words.. the C's are more of tonight's production than they we're for three quarters of their home opener.

The Celtics don't have a consistent perimeter scorer. Wallace, Bradley, Lee, Crawford and heck, even Green are all slashers that attack the hoop. Keith Bogans may be our best three point shooter.

I'm still baffled at why Jeff Green didn't touch the floor in the fourth. The "best" player doesn't find the floor in the fourth. It wasn't like the bench was lighting it up like the Lakers on opening night.

If you thought tonight was bad, the C's are traveling to Memphis to square off against the best front court in the game. Z-Bo and Marc Gasol may grab 20 boards and 20 points a piece tomorrow.

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