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The kids didn't enjoy the cake so much.

They've all been sick with this weird virus. High fever, stomach ache, achy muscles that lasts for 24-48 hours and then it's gone as fast as it appeared. You know when my kids turn down cake they must not feel good. Everyone's sleeping now - resting up from all the excitement.

Then in celebration of me (LOL) I customized a new WP theme and went live with it this afternoon. You know why I love this one so much? The coffee cup in the masthead photo looks exactly like the cups they have at the Birdseye Diner that my best friend and I have frequented heavily over the last 20 years. This is the place we would always go and hang out after partying when we we're younger. They're open 24 hours and have some of the best, greasiest food (great for sobering up) I have ever tasted. And pies? Holy crap the pies are out of this world. The waitresses are friendly and mouthy like diner waitresses should be. And the people you would see in there at 2am? Scary sometimes but always interesting. I always had a great time there whether it was just me and Gina or a whole group of us. We usually ate a big breakfast and slugged down a bunch of coffee and I have awesome memories of the whole experience.

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That was our hangout and the coffee cup makes me think of those young, wild and carefree days. My life is so much different now than it was then and so much different than I used to dream it would be during those late night chat sessions. I miss going there and I miss that connection with Gina. She and I have been best friends since the 7th grade and still try to get together as often as we can but grown up life has this bad habit of always getting in the way. We live too far away from there now to go back but sometimes I wish I could just pick up the phone and give her a call and ask her to meet me there for coffee. *sigh*

So go grab yourself a cup of steaming coffee diner style, you know, harsh black coffee with those little half and half cups you peel the top off of and pour in your cup - and tell me about your favorite hang out spot when you we're growing up.

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