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The pace of play quickens the higher level you go

In sports, they always say the pace of play quickens the higher level you go. Makes sense, right? Well, over the past few weeks and months, I have found out that life is often the same way. Three months ago, I was knee deep in my final semester of college, wrapping up projects and studying for exams. (well, slightly with the latter, let's be honest here)

The countdown to graduation ensued and sure enough the day came and went. It was kind of a blur, looking back on it. You work so hard for something that ends up on a piece of paper and you just want to take it all in the best you can. But as fast as college and graduation flew by, I am learning that this next stage of my life is moving even faster.

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A couple weeks ago, I accepted a full time position with WHIZ TV in Zanesville, Ohio as a Sports Anchor/Reporter. A few days later, I checked out local apartments in the area with my parents. Two days later, came along the birth of my first niece. (preceded by a middle-of-the-night drive to Kentucky) I must say, though, it was very much worth it. She's an angel! Ava Elizabeth Heller.

That next weekend I moved into my new apartment and started work on Monday. Talk about a whirlwind. I soon learned that the madness was only beginning though. My first few days on the job we're jam-packed with information and new system explanations. Who knew that stations still edited with tapes?

On my third day I learned I would be anchoring the 6:00, 7:00, and 11:00 sportscasts. Coming in, they told me I would be getting a lot of on-air experienceearly and often. I just didn't think it would be this early and often. Despite it all being thrown me at once, I didn't feel that nervous going into it. I guess that's where my training at school and my internships came in. And the Lord answering my prayers.

As a broadcast journalist, you are forced to do a lot of things on the fly and maybe without a ton of planning or prior knowledge. That's when your instincts kick in and your performance side comes out. After writing scripts and editing tapes (yes, literal tapes), I was ready to just relax and finally do what I love to dotalk sports. Even if I didn't know a ton about the abundance of local high school teams.

Right away, I knew that not everything would be perfect. I mean, it is live television after all. Things are bound to go wrong. Just watch the nightly news on almost any station and you can probably pick something out. But I have learned to roll with the punches as they say. (Sorry the for the cliche)

My fellow sports guy has been great in helping me out and answering all my questions, but at the same time letting me loose to do my own thing. In the first week, no less!I guess I have just learned to hit the ground running. (Gosh, there I go again)

Local coverage is really the vitality of smaller stations like ours, so leading sports with a local high school girls game is not out of the ordinary.

It has been a great experience so far, and it's only the beginning. I knew that things would move fast after graduation, but maybe not quite like this. I wouldn't change a thing though. After all, life is more interesting in the fast lane. YOLO. (Wow, I really have to stop with those)

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