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Is the 'Wander' gone from 'Wanderlust?

I recently read a blog post about wandering that I came upon through a different blog (I mean does it really matter how I found it -ok get to the point). It asks the question "Is Wandering Dead?" which got me thinking. I love to pull off on random roads, go down side streets, try new restaurants without reading reviews, and just explore. I have not been to enough places abroad to relate in that way but I can relate in a local, home exploration/wander way.

I must admit I do use technology to help me explore. This morning, before reading that post, I was looking at Google Earth of the keys surrounding me in search of a new swimming hole, path to explore, beach or anything really. I was really excited that I saw / "found" 5 potential new places that I intend to explore as soon as I can. Most of these are off small roads or random roads that I have either never been on or did not think would have something exciting. Google Maps is my means of "finding" a new place to explore. This is what I see when searching those empty or green areas are potential places to explore.

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Now once I do go to explore these places, I won't be using technology but it still almost seems like cheating in a way. Not cheating but it does take out the whole 'wander' part which leads to coming upon something new. You can even do the street view on Google Maps to see, for instance, if the area you want to go down is gated, owned by the military, a path, or just a funky spot from the sky that is nothing more than an animal trail. Below is the street view of the area in the above image that is on the island to the right of Key West at the bottom.Well that sounds confusing, so I have been trying to figure out how to circle it on the above picture but my knowledge with technology and my patience are lacking right now. So just guess where it is!I know exactly what to look for and where to begin on my next exploration. The searching is totally taken care of by Google Maps but what lies beyond is up to me to find out.

It seems in this case that I am using Google Maps as a tool to my advantage to explore but what about in other situations? I did not use Google Maps in India to explore new places well honestly the phone maps we're not accurate at all so that is a bad example. Do you use mapping apps to help you as you travel in a new place and I don't mean like a GPS in your car more like visitor/traveler/explorer

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