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Though I will save the majority of the details for later individual...

The aptly named Lighthouse Point Lighthouse took us a few attempts to stumble upon, and even after determining it's location it was still a doozy to get to. After leaving the first light, the Green's Point beacon was refreshingly easy to locate. Though in the summertime I am sure we could have driven right up to it, I opted to walk across it's icy breakwater to frame my shot. Though I could only outlast the biting winds for so long, it all worked out because we had to be heading back to the ferry either way.

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After succesfully getting back to and boarding the Grand Manan Ferry my next objective became obvious. Seeing as I have little access to either a boat or helicopter, I had to make my best effort to shoot every light possible while aboard the ship. My list of targets included the Pea Point, Southern Wolf Island, Eddy Point, and Swallowtail Lighthouses, though the latter two would be available to shoot upon reaching Grand Manan itself. Of the four: Pea Point was swell, Wolf Island was too far (atmospheric issues), Eddy Point was well hidden amongst the icy cliffs, and Swallowtail was a success. All in all great ferry ride, albeit a little cold and nausea inducing.

Once we finally set foot on Grand Manan everything became straight forward, mainly because there is only one road major on the whole island. In an attempt to further simplify our schedule we decided to cross the island in it's entirety and work backwards, beelining for the island's Southwest Head Lighthouse to start.

After the twenty kilometer drive from one corner of the island to the other we reached our first Grand Manan lighthouse. As we pulled up the light, a guilty looking car of teenagers quickly vacated the premises (this happens more than you would believe). This beautiful beacon is kept company by a massive radio tower as the two of them sit atop the cliffs no more than a stone's throw away. Having seen the condition of the rocky edge, I can't help but wonder how long the couple will survive considering the evident erosion.

After a risky look over the southwest edge and a good deal of panoramic work, we headed off to our next location, the locally famous Grand Harbour Lighthouse. This ruined light has certainly seen better days, in fact, it's a miracle that it's standing at all. Apparently the "owner" of the light has disallowed maintenanceon the beacon for many years, though I have recently been informed that the locals may have once again regained some control and will be able to fix up the dying light.

With only three more lights on my list, the Great Duck Island lighthouse was next in line. Though somewhat optimistic, I wasn't really able to capture the light at all as it is about four kilometers offshore and was only visible as a wavy rectangle due to atmospheric conditions.

As we neared my second last light I began to change my mind about our projected schedule. With just over an hour remaining before the last ferry to the mainland's departure, I decided our time would be better spent shooting a timelapse of the Long Eddy Point light since I had captured Swallowtail earlier in the day. When we had finally climbed high enough the Eddy Point light was impossible to miss, and after some time spent simply admiring the amazing view I set up my shot. Thanks to the cold I was forced into the car while the timelapse did it's thing, and like magic about half an hour later the sun was set, the shot was finished, and we we're heading back down the mountain towards our ocean taxi.

Once at sea I took advantage of the opportunity to witness a lighthouse as it was meant to be seen. The huge Swallowtail light perched atop it's rocky outcropping beamed in the pitch-black night and was more distinct than any light I had ever seen before. Watching the beacon fade into the distance was a perfect way to end a long day, and a fantastic trip across New Brunswick's snowy southern shore.

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