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With A BodyGlove Wetsuit

You Can Extend Your Season

Surfing, swimming and diving are extremely popular water sports as well as serious occupations. If you want to surf, swim or dive all year round then a bodyglove wetsuit is essential for protection and comfort especially if the water temperatures are below 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) Sensitivity to cold varies from person to person so it's how quickly you feel cold! Frequent falls into the sea or a lake from a surf board or long periods of immersion in the sea increases the risk of exposure and hypothermia especially from the effects of wind chill!

The very nature of water sports requires intense concentration so the first signs of reduced body temperature are usually ignored so why risk your health and your life without a bodyglove wetsuit? If you intend to be active in your chosen sport all year round then it makes sense to be properly equipped with body glove wetsuit for each season of the year unless of course you intend to enjoy bath water temperatures by going to warmer climes!

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Sunburn is another factor to consider unless you want to look like a lobster! That favorite tee shirt and shorts that you always wear on the beach may look cool but they are no substitute for a body hugging bodyglove wetsuit! It will also shield you from the effects of exposure to the Sun and sea salt which coupled with a stiff breeze will dry your skin like a prune!

Of course if the water temperature is above 70F (21C) and you are only going into shallow waters for a short period of time then you can still enjoy yourself as long as you don't get out of your depth and remember that the further you go out the further it is to get back! Feeling fatigued is a sure sign that you should get back to dry land!

If you have never worn a body glove wet suit before then you will be amazed how well it fits and feels it will keep you warm for long periods especially when you are struggling to make headway against treacherous currents and rips!

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