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Sarawak, here I come!

Due to my busyschedule (Assignments, tasks,UB,dance practise, having fun), I am not able to blog as much as I like. The internet line is also not helping >.< I wonder why the Broadband is much faster at home (KB) than in KK? I'll take this opportunity to give you updates as much as I canI miss commenting on your blog! Due to the internet connection, I am lucky if I can comment on your post, sometimes I only can read without seeing the pictures,I'll try reloading it a few times till I give up, and that kills me! You know how I love pictures right

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Well time flies and next Friday, I will be flying to Sibu, Sarawak! Few days at Sibu, then I am off to Kuching. I have a mix feelings because I won't be spending my holiday at home and it is the first time having my School BasedExperience in another state.It is also the first time, maybe, probably, I will be teaching with a proper lesson plan for language arts. It is kinda exciting and also nerves-racking. It will be the longest time I will be away from home, in a new place.

I'll try to be positive! I am with my friends after alland it is my mission to taste all the Sarawakians delicacies! Well there goes my diet. LOL

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