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A few fun sports

Wake boarding!

A water sport which has been making waves with local thrill seekers is wake boarding! Get ready for the ride of your life as you are towed at full throttle behind a speeding powerboat while attached to a wake board. Once up, you can utilize the awesome power of the boats wake to attempt impressive stunts and jumps, or just enjoy the feeling of skimming across the waves! While it can be slightly frustrating for beginners, who will find themselves face planting the salty sea surface at high speeds during their first few attempts, a few lessons will have you zooming along like a pro in no time!

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Sea Wreck Diving

While Bahrains warm and shallow waters make regular scuba diving a treat for most visitors, those looking to add an extra edge to their underwater fun should investigate some of the islands more exotic diving locations. Whether it's the Caisson wrecks many fish inhabitants that appeal to you or the ominous tangled structure of the Sestan wreck off Bahrains Eastern coast, you can be sure to be amazed with what can be found under the islands turquoise waters. Night diving at the Fifi wreck will leave you breathless at the uniquely ethereal and slightly spooky experience of swimming around this old sunken tugboat. Why not organize your own sea wreck dive!

Ice Hockey

This fast paced, physical sport is a fantastic way to escape the intense summer heat while engaging in some healthy team competition. Padded in a variety of protective gear, players attempt to speed across the ice before smashing the puck into the back of the net while the opposing team tries to wrestle back control. Before you know it, you'll be rubbing shoulders with the best of them!


Originating in urban France Parkour is the latest rage on the Island and has taken Bahrain by storm! Essentially teaching participants to move through their environment in the quickest manner possible by using speed and efficiency of movement, this sport is an excellent way to get fit. Using running, acrobatics, jumps, vaults and leaps to overcome obstacles, Parkour develops an individuals mind-body connection and reflexes through exposing them to diverse situations which require split second decisions.

Drag Racing

The National Drag Racing Championship will provide even the most hardcore of petrol heads with their speed fix! With the street cars, outlaws, pro modes and super bike categories all lighting up the quarter mile strip in a blur of sponsor stickers, flaming exhausts and modified engines, spectators are guaranteed adrenaline pumping action.

If you find yourself with your own racing bug, the Bahrain International Circuit offers a selection of on track activities including V8 Lumina rides, 44 off road, Caterham passenger rides and an advanced Hummer Academy. Alternatively you can blister around the Formula 1 circuit in your very own car on the Open track day!

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