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When we started this company, we wanted to give users a better way of getting the most out of the product. We originally included a simple chamber that allowed the use of not only Dry Herb but Tobacco. Now with our new and improved Chess Piece OG, it allows for the use of Oil & Wax. The Pen has been equipped with a better heating chamber that allows for maximum usage and power. Get ready, cause it's a whole new world.

Featuring the new Power Button

Our previous portable vape pen seemed to have an issue with the power button staying on when you wanted it to. Well, those days are over. With the new Chess Piece OG, you can hold the power button as long as you want which in return heats the chamber as much as you'd like without the risk of the pen heating up too much.

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Dry Herb, Tobacco, Oil & Wax Friendly

Before we advised users to stay away from Oil & Wax simply because of the effect it would have on the chamber but not anymore. Our NEW Chess Piece OG not only allows you to still use Tobacco and Dry Herb, but allows you to use Oil & Wax. Now you can have a universal pen and not be limited.

NEW Accessories for Maximum Usage

Our first pen included a box set of a cleaning kit, USB Adapter & Wall Charger. With this new pen, we've included an option to purchase a carrying case for all your items along with the ability to purchase different chambers when they become more available.

Still, the Pen with the BEST Battery

Many fans commented on the battery life as being one of the best things about our previous pen. Well, it's back and with a vengeance. Our battery is universal in connecting with our many other chambers that will be coming out later but the battery life with a simple charge is more than enough for you to handle your business.

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