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Whilst it's certainly exciting and a great opportunity to travel...

Whilst it's certainly exciting and a great opportunity to travel and take images of remote communities it is always nice to give something back.So our mission to Buscalan also gave us the opportunity to bring supplies to the village.Vitamins and medicine for the children salt, matches and dried fish for the village elders. Basic items but difficult to obtain in some remote areas all of which we're very well received.

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Although many of the women are now hampered by debilitating ailments such as poor hearing, blindness and spinal curvature, those physically capable still tend their rice fields on a daily basis in the steep descending valley below their village.Indeed for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness, the trek up and down each day would surely be regarded as a rigorous workout.

The Buscalan Kalinga have managed to maintain their way of life without giving way to the pressures of commercialism in the modern world, but one cannot escape certainty that a generation and their memories of a very different world and values, will in the not too distant future, pass into history.

Kalingan tattoos reflect their natural environment represented by the likes of Centipedes,Snakes,Crocodiles and Eagles.

The young Kalingan community are connected more than ever to the outside world several having 'Facebook' accounts

Our visit and the provisions we brought we're returned in kind by the traditional custom of a Kalingan dance.

To visit these unique communities is an insight and an irreplaceable experience. It remains to be seen in future years whether the young people of Buscalan continue the practice Whang-Od has dedicated her life to.

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