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Saudi Arabia seems to be devoid of dogs. At least stray ones.

Saudi Arabia seems to be devoid of dogs. At least stray ones. What it has plenty of are cats. A friend told me dogs are seen as "unclean". Cats are tolerated because they clean themselves. I find it interesting that there are more felines in such a male-dominated place because cats carry feminine energy as does the moon which is represented in the crescent symbol of Islam.

We took a photography trip to an old part of Jeddah called Al-Balad. Most of it's streets host a lively and bustling market at night. The day brought to light it's rubble and trash but also it's derelict charm.

As pungent smells reached me I could not help but think, "I could not live here". What if I had to? If I lived on these streets, I would have to adapt. People adapt. Women adapt.

Besides us, the only other people walking about we're men. As we turned one corner, I saw a woman. Her face and head we're covered and she was bent over a trash bag, near her was a cat evidently looking for food.

If I did not have a safe and spacious lair to sleep and live in, I would be looking for a place to hide, a place to safely rest. Just like a cat would look for a nook to hide because it's a dangerous world. The cats are constantly looking around them, watching all sides, aware of their vulnerability.

Posted in Entertainment Post Date 01/16/2018